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Customize your ride with Blue Sky Tint’s premium vinyl wraps.
Our vinyl wraps are designed to transform your vehicle, from ordinary to extraordinary.

Why Vinyl Wrap?

When it comes to enhancing your vehicle’s appearance, vinyl wrap offers a range of advantages that make it the perfect choice. Here are a few reasons why vinyl wraps are the preferred option:


Express your unique style and personality with a vinyl wrap. Whether you prefer an elegant, fun, bold, or subtle look, vinyl wraps allow you to showcase your individuality and make your vehicle truly stand out.

Endless Color and Texture Options

If you didn't get the color you were hoping for when you purchased your vehicle, worry not. We offer an extensive selection of Vinyl wraps colors and textures to choose from. With hundreds of options available, you can find the perfect shade and finish to match your vision.

New and Refreshed Look

Ready for a change, a vinyl wrap is an excellent way to give your vehicle a fresh and updated appearance. Whether your car's paint is fading or you're simply looking for a makeover, a vinyl wrap can completely transform the look of your vehicle.


Updating the look of your vehicle doesn't have to break the bank. We provide affordable Vinyl Wraps as an alternative to repainting your car. With their cost-effective nature, you can achieve a customized and stylish appearance without the high expense of a traditional paint job.

Types of Wrap

At Blue Sky Tint, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle looking stylish and protected. Our vinyl wrap services offer a range of options to transform your car’s appearance while providing added durability. Whether you’re looking for a complete color change or want to add subtle accents, we have the perfect solution for you.

Full Color Change Wraps

With our full color change wraps, you can give your vehicle an entirely new look. Choose from a wide range of vibrant colors and finishes to personalize your car and make it stand out on the road. Our high-quality vinyl wraps not only provide a fresh appearance but also protect your car’s original paint from scratches, UV rays, and other environmental elements.


  • Vibrant Customization: Completely transform the look of your vehicle with a wide selection of colors and finishes.
  • Protective Shield: Protect your car’s original paint from scratches and fading.
  • Increased Resale Value: Enhance the resale value of your vehicle by maintaining its pristine appearance.

Partial Color Change Wraps

If you’re looking for a more subtle transformation, our partial color change wraps are the perfect option. Add a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to your vehicle by customizing specific areas, such as the roof, hood, or side mirrors. Our professional team will work with you to select the perfect color and design to suit your preferences.


  • Personalized Customization: Customize specific areas of your vehicle for a personalized touch.
  • Preserved Condition: Protect the customized areas from wear and tear, preserving their original condition.
  • Modern and Stylish: Achieve a modern and stylish appearance without committing to a full color change.


Make a statement and enhance the details of your vehicle with our accent wraps. From sleek racing stripes to chrome delete and badges, our accent wraps allow you to add unique touches that elevate your car’s overall aesthetics. Our skilled team ensures precise installation, seamlessly integrating the accents with your vehicle’s design.


  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Enhance the overall aesthetics of your vehicle with subtle accents.
  • Protective Shield: Protect vulnerable areas from scratches and minor damages.
  • Statement-Making Details: Make a statement with unique and personalized details.

Benefits of Vinyl Wrap

Discover the numerous benefits of choosing a vinyl wrap for your vehicle. With its versatility and protective properties, a vinyl wrap offers a host of advantages that will leave you impressed.

Enjoy a wide range of colors available in gloss, matte, and satin finishes. From bold and eye-catching hues to understated and elegant tones, vinyl wraps provide endless options to suit your personal taste and style.

Achieve a flawless and high-quality finish that resembles paint but with the added benefit of reversibility. If you ever decide to return to the original look of your vehicle or try a different design, a vinyl wrap can be easily removed without damaging the underlying paint.

Show off your unique personality and make a statement on the road with a vinyl wrap. From showcasing your creativity to displaying your individuality, a customized vinyl wrap allows you to truly make your vehicle reflect your personal style.

Keeping your vinyl-wrapped vehicle looking pristine is a breeze. Vinyl wraps are easy to maintain and clean, requiring simple washing with mild soap and water to keep their appearance vibrant and fresh.

Vinyl wraps act as a protective shield, safeguarding your vehicle’s original paint from various elements. They are resistant to mild alkaline substances, acids, salt, fuels, and water, ensuring your car’s paint remains protected from common environmental factors that can cause damage.

Rest easy knowing that your vinyl wrap is backed by warranty coverage. This assurance provides you with peace of mind, knowing that any potential issues or defects will be taken care of by the manufacturer.

Choose a vinyl wrap for your vehicle and experience the benefits of a wide color variety, paint-like appearance, personal expression, easy maintenance, superior paint protection, and the added confidence of warranty coverage. Let us help you elevate the look and protection of your vehicle with our high-quality vinyl wrap services Lafayette CO.

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